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Tax Id: 20-1852481

How We Fundraise
CCEF last fundraiser was Father's Day June 18th 2017. CCEF raises funds to support LVCS's specialists and classroom technology four ways:​

Annual Fund (Dragon Fund) - Thanks to the generosity of parents, friends and other family members, this key Fall campaign raises 60% of CCEF's annual fundraising goal. Get your form here.

Matching Gifts
- Make your Dragon Fund donation count twice as much. See if your employer matches here.

BINGO - The CCEF BINGO Team runs Sunday BINGO at the Livermore Bingo Ranch and all profits directly support CCEF’s mission.

Other exciting events - Past additional fundraising events have included the LVCS Gala, salsa tasting, golf and more.

Upcoming Events

​CCEF Board Meeting:

Final CCEF Board Meeting

The Livermore Public Library - Civic Center Branch

Sept 7, 2017 from 7-8pm

Please check in at the front desk and they will let you know where the Board Room is located.

Scroll down for additional information and resources.

Enriching Education
The Choice for Children’s Education Foundation (CCEF) is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization run by Livermore Valley Charter School (LVCS) parent volunteers.

CCEF raises funds to support LVCS’s elementary specialists (art, music, remediation, language and library) and classroom technology.

CCEF funds are restricted, meaning they go directly to LVCS’s operational budget for the current school year and can only be used for the specific programs mentioned above.

CCEF counsel sent the Attorney General a packet to approve disbursement of funds to the Livermore Valley Education Foundation. Approved by the Attorney General Nov 1st, 2017.

CCEF sent check to LVEF on November 13th, 2017 with below restriction:

The donated funds of $170,000 are restricted for the following purpose:

Used for art, music, remediation, language, library and/or classroom technology
Equally distributed among the 11 LVJUSD elementary schools

  • Altamont Creek Elementary
  • Arroyo Seco Elementary
  • Croce Elementary
  • Jackson Avenue Elementary
  • Lawrence Elementary
  • Marylin Avenue Elementary
  • Rancho Las Positas Elementary
  • Smith Elementary
  • Sunset Elementary
  • Joe Michell K-8 School
  • Junction Avenue K-8 School

Livermore Valley Education Foundation deposited funds on 12/1/2017

​CCEF Board Meetings
CCEF Board meetings are open to all LVCS stakeholders and the community. We typically meet on the 2nd Tuesday of the month from from 7pm - 9pm in the Board Room in Building 11 at Livermore Valley Charter School. Join us and share your thoughts!

CCEF Board Meeting Agendas & Minutes
September 16, 2017 CCEF Meeting Minutes
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October 9, 2016 CCEF Meeting Minutes
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May 23, 2017 CCEF Meeting Minutes
June 13, 2017 CCEF Meeting Minutes
September 7, 2017 CCEF Final Meeting Minutes

​Other Resources
Oct. 12, 2016 CCEF Town Hall Presentation
2008 Bylaws
2016 Bylaws
2017 Bylaws

Board Positions
We currently do not have any open positions. Contact us at for more information
"Dyslexia isn't a mystery at LVCS. The teachers are 
​well-versed in incorporating current methodologies in their teaching. There's a natural partnership between the specialists and teachers. I know my son's learning needs are being met. It's a big reason why we are a dragon family."

Melissa, LVCS 2nd grade parent


What is CCEF's relationship with TVLC?
Tri Valley Learning Corporation (TVLC) is the charter management company overseeing our school. Until recently, CCEF made monthly donations to TVLC to support our specialists' salaries and classroom technology; it was believed that these funds were restricted and went towards the following year's budget.

Where is the CCEF money going to go this year?
Protecting our specialist program continues to be the number one priority for CCEF. These past few weeks, we have been exploring specialist funding options with the school administration and Lynn Lysko. Our goal is to find a solution that meets the needs on both sides.

The CCEF Town Hall presentation in the Resources section below will give you a good idea of our progress and how we plan to move forward.

Is CCEF still fundraising?
No. The school has since filed for chapter 7 and closed.

Is my donation tax deductible?
Yes! CCEF is a 501 (c) (3) organization and your donation is 100% tax deductible. Our tax ID is 20-1852481.

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